Remlinger Farms Gift Box


🎁 Introducing the Remlinger Farms Gift Box – A Taste of Pure Joy – Shipped Directly to You! 🎁

Choose from our standard or wine variant for the perfect farm-fresh delights. Packed with love and bursting with flavor, each box is a celebration of the finest treasures straight from the heart of Remlinger Farms, sent straight to your door – free shipping. Ideal for family, friends, or anyone who appreciates the taste of wholesome goodness.

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What’s Inside?

🍎 **Honeycrisp Apple Butter:** Crafted with care from our crisp, hand-picked apples, our apple butter is a luscious spread that captures the essence of autumn in every jar.

🍐 **B.E.A.R. Jam:** A symphony of sweetness and tanginess, our B.E.A.R. jam (blackberry, elderberry, apple, & red raspberry) is a delightful addition to breakfast or a gourmet pairing with your favorite cheese.

🍓 **Strawberry Syrup or Blueberry Syrup or Blueberry Salsa:** Drizzle the taste of summer on your pancakes or desserts with our luscious strawberry syrup made from the juiciest berries on the farm, or indulge in the rich flavors of blueberry syrup or the zesty Blueberry Salsa.

🌶️ **Raspberry Chipotle Sauce:** Add a touch of zing to your culinary creations with our signature raspberry chipotle sauce. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that will elevate any dish.

🍵 **Mulling Spice Box:** Transform ordinary apple cider into a warm, spiced delight with our aromatic mulling spices.

🌱 **Seeds for Home Planting:** Grow a piece of Remlinger right in your backyard with our specially curated seeds.

🍲 **17 Bean Soup:** Warm up your winter nights with our hearty 17 bean soup. A comforting blend of wholesome beans and spices that will nourish both body and soul.

🌶️ **Kickles:** Crispy, crunchy, and packing quite the ‘kick,’ our Kickles are a delightful pickle snack straight from the jar or a tasty addition to your favorite sandwiches.

🎄 **Wine Box Variant:** For those with more discerning tastes, our Wine Box variant is the perfect choice. It includes all the delights of our Gift Box, along with a bottle of Remlinger Red Wine, replacing the raspberry chipotle sauce. Ideal for those who appreciate a more “grown-up” indulgence.

🎄 **Pre-packed and Ready for Wrapping:** Our Remlinger Farms Gift Boxes come elegantly pre-packed, making your holiday gift-giving stress-free and festive. Just in time for Christmas, unwrap the joy of Remlinger Farms!

🚚 **Free Shipping Included:** Order today, and we’ll deliver the farm-fresh goodness straight to your doorstep. No extra fees, just pure delight shipped with love.

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